Hi guys

Hi guys

Needing new tyres and undecided any recommendations bearing in mind I live in Scotland so I need something good in the wet as well as in the dry

Cheers in advance

  • PR4 are the only tires worth getting

  • Incorrect

  • They came 4th in the test. The t30 EVOs won. I have them and they're very very good.

  • Every battlax tire I have used have been terrible, but each to thier own.

    Well commented that the PR4 give remarkable wet weather performance and more importantly in my view rider confidence.

    That why I used them on every bike from ZZR, blackbird, MV Agusta F4, Ninja and tuono.

    All rode much better with them on, sure there are other good ones out there but none as good in my opinion.

  • Stuart Davies is the one to listen to! I got my Battlax T30 Evo's fitted for £253 the pair! You get what you pay for but I can assure you, they are good in dry and wet and having just done 1400 miles round Scotland these tyres would do the job

  • Don't listen to them... I've done 60 miles on my PR4 and there is loads of life left in it yet ;)

  • ... battlax do give you free quality puncture repairs though

  • Good ain't it! Alan is asking for our opinion and you jump on the lets take the piss band wagon! I was just giving my opinion on what I think is a good tyre!

  • Don't worry he saw sense and ordered the PR4 2hrs ago it says!

    Thought bikers had a sense of humor... especially us northern ones :)

  • Go for Michelin Power Road 4

  • Pilot 3 or 4 for me. Great tyres and ride in wet as if it was dry

  • Did any one used Dunlop on ZZR

  • Pr4s or angel GT's. I got 8.5k out of my last gts