Hi guys


Hi guys.

Anu of you know how much it cost to change front brake.? Pads and Labour in London.


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  • braided brakelines are a most on these bikes, combined with sintered pads you'll be stopping on a £1 coin

  • Thanks mate. Off on wednesday will have a lot to do. 1week with tube im already fed up.

  • thats why these groups exist. up here labour is £50 p/h......sod that

  • Better save where i can. Was about to book holidays and now got 350 on fixing bike jn garage. If i can do myself im good.

  • see if you can get a 2nd hand cover. The brakelines can be e expensive depending on your brand choice...ditto brake pads. If you have access to a simple toolkit you can sort it yourself

  • Will get a toolkit sorted. Garage already order the part so was thinking about taking from them breaks and cover pulse for the clutch and do it myself. Need to get a stand for bike too. Argos should be fine

  • you wont need a stand for these jobs

  • Need to work on my side stand and chain too. If i manage to loose it...

  • Front break not leaking anymore just tightened. But liver still going fully down and break not working. Level is under min.

  • needs bleeding due to loss of fluid and pressure.