Hi guys


Hi guys,

I have a problem with my 2005 Z750 and wanted to get some opinions. Hope you can help !

I went to work with the bike, came home, all good. The next day I wanted to take a ride and I didn't manage to start the engine. The electric motor cranks the engine (no weird noises or anything), the spark plugs produce spark, all sounds good, the F1 led glows red when cranking the engine but turns off after. I came to the conclusion that the fuel pump is not working properly. The thing that I find weird and don't know what to make of it is that if I connect the fuel pump directly to the battery, it runs and pumps gas. If I connect it to the connectors on the bike it won't run. I must say that I checked the voltage on the connector for the fuel pump on the bike and it has 12 V for 3 seconds after turning the key and then it goes to 0 V, as the book tells it should do. Are there anymore tests I can do to be sure the pump is gone before ordering a new one ? Thanks in advance.

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  • Could possible be the ECU (or down switch) playing games on you??