Hi guys


Hi guys

There was a post on here a while ago from a member about supplying stick coils .. Who was it ..it's something I'm thinking about ..

I'm now clear to get back on it

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  • G'day Al, go to the group page and type "stick coils" in the search bar up top; enjoy...

  • I'm thinking of this too, just not seeing the benefit as there'll still be a waisted spark, same as two HT leads from a single coil.

  • John McKelvie was the man selling them Al.

  • He's local to me Al if I can do anything, get you photos of brands, specs etc. I was thinking of looking in on him anyway

  • I've just signed in on the pc to search .. I'm normally on the phone on here so don't get the search option ..

  • I was (and still am) on my LG G3 phone when I searched just now.

  • Mark Mark i couldn't see the search bar just got the general search .. I've got his page now Well done guys .. He posted on here a while back and said he could supply a set for £50. I'll get in touch with him

  • Cheers pat I'll let ya know ..over the next couple of weeks I'll be sorting the OL girl

  • It was me, and i'm afraid i'm sold out at the moment, been a lot of oldskool breakers the last few weeks

  • hi john i just sent you a pm then saw your reply ....