Hi guy s n girls

Hi guy's n girls

After putting on the windshield i found there is o lot of wind buffering does it get. better with lowers or crashbar bikini


  • Lowers will remove all buffeting.

  • Lowers do help!

  • I very recently bought a national cycles 2 up windshield and lowers.

    Having NEVER used a windshield on any bike I've owned, I first installed ONLY the windshield and took the bike for a test ride. I was very surprised at the amount of buffering I received.

    I went back home and installed the lower and again took it for a test ride. I had very little buffering. Almost to the point of none at all.

    The lowers to indeed help.

  • windshield height and angle will affect this, also, you should be looking over, not through, the windshield, by about 2".

  • riding behind a switchblade 2-up is like riding behind the side of a barn, it covers so much area, ..kinda wish i got the shorty or shopped version.. until it rains

  • take and cut it down 3 in.

  • Shane Medlin did you get the national cycles lowers and did you bolt them on the forks like they are supposed to or figured a way to put them on the windshield bracket to take them of quick

  • I pit them on the forks like suppose to

  • Well, they are actually attached to the mounting brackets, not the forks. So when I was done, I took the brackets off.