Hi good morning Sorry i I sound thick but I have a 2012 zzr14 and I have...


Hi good morning, Sorry i I sound thick but I have a 2012 zzr14 and I have purchased a rear seat cowl however.... Trying to fit it I see it screws to the underneath of the seat but where the holes line up the holes are bigger in the seat than that of the cowl lugs (if you know what I mean!)is there a special fixing kit some sort of plug maybe?

Thanks in advance


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  • If it was new it should have come with some wellnuts to go in the holes. If not new then you need to buy them.

  • I recently brought a new rear cowl for my 2013 despite photocopied instructions being crap everything fitted together fine .... mine was a genuine kawasaki part.

  • Need well nuts or rivnuts

  • Oh OK thanks lads... It was new, genuine Kawasaki ( i remember that much cos of the cost!)

    Ill get onto it then and get some ordered... Thanks Trev

  • Yes they are expensive mine cost 180 ... hope you get it sorted soon Trevor

  • same well nuts used for screen bolts work . . : )

  • Cool ill try them then Forth Anten....I've got some spares at home.. Thanks