hi fellow w650 lovers and haters I m about to mount back my original gas...


hi fellow w650 lovers (and haters?), I'm about to mount back my original gas tank after 1 year of paint experimentation (dents and holes included), was wondering if anyone has a graphic guide for the fuel hoses, took some pictures before taking it out but I can't find them any more.

Thanks again!

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  • Yeah, I'm one of those haters. I hate the W650 with all my heart... because Kawasaki stopped selling it in my country after less than 10 units! So, I have to forget about used ones. All their fekking lucky owners are not selling... :P

  • completely understand, I chase mine for about 3 years!

  • I don't hate the W at all 3>

    However I absolutely don't like Kawasaki because they never ever did any effort to sell one of these beauties. I can't recall ever seeing an advert for them, not even at the dealers! It really is as if they don't want it to be known that they have something else for sale than a Vulcan, a Ninja or a Z!

  • I can take some photos under the tank if you think it would help

  • It would be great, thanks!

  • by the way, I have a 99 model, don't know if it's different from other years...

  • Ok tomorrow

  • you cracked me up, man XD

  • Don't think it'll be of much use.

  • Best I can do

  • Can't see much but thanks anyway!