Hi everyone wanted to find the versys 650 2015 fuel level it left 1 bar on the...


Hi everyone, wanted to find the versys 650 2015 fuel level, it left 1 bar on the meter and when on the side stand, the fuel meter blink and doesn't blink when upright. How many liters it suppose to have left in the tank? When I filled up, it was only 13 liters for it to get full and brochure said it is a 21 liters. The last bar is worth of 8 liters?

It doesn't say anything in the owner manual, my yamaha nmax scooter, specificed clearly when the fuel icon blink it still have 4 liters worth of fuel before it empty.

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  • I think the general concensus is once it starts to blink, you have gallon or so left +/-.

  • If by gallon then it have 2 gallon left in the tank with the tank 5.5 gallon capacity, it can go at least another 50miles easily?

  • Just incase when we found ourselves couldn't find any fuel station, and we know how far we can last until it stop

  • maybe not HARDLY that far. I've heard figures anywhere from 30-45 miles after it starts blinking. if you slowed down to 50 mph and under, you could probably go another 50 miles

  • Maybe I can try carry some extra fuel and put this to a test

  • When the last bar flashes if I fill up there is usually 4-5 litres left in the tank

  • Couldn't fit more than 16 liters into my 2009 Versys (19 l tank) when it already blinked for a while, so I guess it's about 3-5 liters, depending on whether it also blinks when upright or not. Anyhow I think it was quite a stupid idea to replace the odometer with the FUEL warning, because then you can't see when it started blinking and won't see how many kms you have gone with the sign blinking.

  • When bike on side stand fuel lvl is not accurate, My versys 2013 manual did stated when fuel bar blinking it left 3.5 litre inside tank to empty I did try travel 60km only go for refill.

  • Gonna follow this, maybe interesting :)

  • Means another 60km after the fuel bar blink

  • Yes bro. My habit I did calculate every fuel tank. My 2013 average fuel consumption is 20 km/litre. So once fuel bar blinking which mean I can travel 70km till stop.

  • Great Bro, then now I can roughly know what is left in the tank, I was surprise when left one bar and it only can fill up to 13 liters only