Hi everyone just had my 7500 mile service and was surprised that I need new...


Hi everyone. just had my 7500 mile service and was surprised that I need new front break pads. has anyone else found the pads only last 7500 miles. and what pads are ppl putting on or recommend?

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  • They lasted longer than my discs !! lol I got 3000 miles per set of discs !!

  • Use more the engine break xx

  • blimey that's crazy lol

  • Yes and not funny either, ive given up on kawasaki discs after every set warped! Im now using chinese ones and although i havent managed 3k with them yet, they are ok at mo!

  • I have seen this issue debated loads on the forums, I'm on original discs on my 2010 Gen1 with not problems at all after 33.500 miles.

  • EBC sintered, 7500 from a set is ok I guess

  • Just changed first set at 67k using carbon Lorraine now

  • So looks like 7500 is about the norm. :-)

  • Im on my second set of pads and my fourth set of discs in 11,000 miles :D

  • 16k miles on mine and changed them once so far, well just the front ones. Disc not been touched.

    I don't touch the brakes, find it slows me down ;)

  • Ebc last better than stock pads

  • 3 sets under warranty in under 8k

    Changed to Armstrong and 25k and still going strong

  • I think some people ride the Zed like its a 600cc sports bike