Hi everyone I m after some advice took my bike for mot yesterday and was told...

Hi everyone I'm after some advice took my bike for mot yesterday and was told it is an import as it is stamped on the frame USA but on the logbook it doesn't say anything about being imported and I have told my insurance company it's a UK bike any advice?

  • I'm trying to look up the vin but it's not 17 digits long so can't look it up

  • Is it a 11 or 16

  • It is zxt10c-******

  • All usa motorbikes are 17 digits long so its not a usa bike check eu or japan

  • Here check your vin on this site http://www.whomademybike.com

  • That says it was made in 2003 not 1992

  • Looks like you may have a stolen bike where was it maked as mine say usa but was a japan eu bike

  • My bike is a 1989 model but has 1999 year as import bikes will be make up by the coutry you live in year for the bike

  • If it was made in the states under licence it will have a 17 digit vin beginning JKA.....etc end of, Kawasaki have been manufacturing in the states since the mid seventies and have always used the 17 digit layout, that number layout corresponds to a Jap built bike

  • Can't be stolen I've got loads of paperwork and this is the original warranty card

  • I understand that but stamped under the vin is the words MADE IN THE USA

  • Its easy to get paper work for a import bike just take it from another bike but if i was you i check the neck on the bike to match the paper work there if its a eu bike which i think it is you just tell the insurance thats a gray import as they are repaired in the uk your insurance we not go up but best to find out you have the paper work for the vin number on bike to paper work

  • Yes the same on my goldwing stamp usa but is a japan bike for the eu

  • Thanks everyone for Ur comments

  • That's not to say it wasn't manufactured for export to Europe, to answer your question, it will have been manufactured in the US to euro spec and sold through a Kawasaki dealer in the UK

  • What's the VIN code? The only number I can find on my registration is ZXT10D039825, and if I use that it says that my bike is made in Europe 2008. But when I check the Swedish transportation register I get the correct information, first time in traffic 1996, registered in Sweden 2002.

  • I'm guessing that vin stands for vehicle identification number. If that's correct ZXT10D039825 are my vin according to all my paperwork (both registration and insurance papers).

  • So japan bike