• Hi everyone does somebody have the fairing part that s fitted around the rear...

    Hi everyone, does somebody have the fairing part that's fitted around the rear light? As you can see I broke mine

    • I'm looking for one to

    • Dream on!

      Rocking horse shit.

    • I've broken mine and a spare more than once, they break really easily but I've fixed mine.

    • Yours is the wrong colour anyway, you need one like mine.

      You can see where I've fixed it, once it's back on the repair will be covered up.

    • I bought a mint sidepanel for mine from a local breakers years ago, it was only £30, and he threw in the light panel for an extra fiver...

    • I got that feed up looking I mastic (sealed) mine permanent to my back light

    • Mine broke in the exact same place.How strange.

    • Obviously the weak point.

    • The fairings can be bonded as they are made of abs plastic. I had the nearside lower panel done this year after dropping it on someone's drive (not at all embarrassing as the whole family was watching) It is now perfect again after all the cracks were bonded and a respray...:-)

    • This bit is maybe too spindly and delicate to bond back together?

    • Worth an ask though?

    • I made a patch for mine out of a bit of baked bean tin, cut and bent to shape and Araldited on. Seems solid enough.

    • Bit of paint and it'll be fine.

      You can't see it anyway.

    • If it was a big bit like a fairing panel I would get it plastic welded.

    • If what you have done holds up all well and good.

    • Should be okay unless it gets knocked. I won't cry if it breaks again, I'll just fix it again.

    • Luckily all the big panels on mine are okay, except the top fairing has a bit missing by the top screen screw on one side. I'll do something with it before I respray it. Maybe make a new piece out of plastic and fix it on. Once it's painted it'll look alright.

    • On the left.

    • This bit cost £128 plus VAT the last time it was listed as 'available'...

    • :-O

    • No wonder they're unobtainable now...

    • Indeed!

    • That was at Cornwall Kawasaki.

    • That's way to expensive! I think nobody is willing to pay that!

    • That's the Kawasaki price.

      Supply and demand.

    • John Mckelvie breaks zzr

    • Not even John has any of these.

    • who is going to mention the slower C Darren ;)

    • This bit is for a C ...

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    • Says it right here Kevin Merchant

    • Roland Black exactly the slower C :D

    • Indeed Darren Yimyam Ball the D is the uglier C model

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    • It's only the truth Ian Tomlinson. The kawasaki designers had to much sake when they designed that heavy slower D

    • the truth being very badly bent you mean :D lol

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    • I figured out I broke mine reversing the bike into my tool chest. So I removed the 2 lugs from the bottom of the light lense that should go through 2 rubber grommets as these create a pivot point around the 2 weak mount points on the fairing that then snap. I broke 2 in the same manner ... Removed the lugs and not broken one since.

    • I broke those two little pegs off mine, and replaced them with a couple of self tapping screws.