Hi everybody I need some advise in how can I remove this piece I think that...


Hi everybody, I need some advise in how can I remove this piece. I think that the 2 bolts (up and below) are the ones that I have to remove but they are very tight and I'm afraid that I can break them. Does anybody had been removed that piece and have this problem?


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  • I did. Use a good lever when reassembly use anti seize compound on the screws. And it's easier when it's bolted to the bike.

    Also you will have to remove the round bracket from inside (6 or 7 bolts)

  • The bolts above and below are on there very tight. I used a an allen socket with an extension (to get past my spot lamps, a rachet wrench with a long handle and a closed box wrench as a "cheater" bar.

  • There are also some small bolts along the front of the headlight to remove, there is a ring that holds it all together.

  • If they have never been removed before, as Rod said, they will be very tight.

    There are 2 bolts low on either side that come out (not to be confused with the light adjustment screws.. those don't come out).

    Once you take those 2 bolts out, the light bulb-housing itself will lift up-and-out.

  • Thank you all so much for all your comments.

  • The two sides are also aligned with dowels directly forward of the allen bolt even after i got my allen bolts out it was a bitch to get apart i used a dead blow to lightly tap around to get it to start to separate then used a flathead to pry it apart. Fun stuff.

  • Its easier to pry open on the bike. Keep one side of fork bolts on and tap the opposite side with arubber mallet.

    http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Kawasaki/Mot orcycle/2004/VN2000-A1+Vulcan+2000/HEADLIGHT%28S%2 9/parts.html

  • Thanks Rod Pimentel is good to know.

  • Thanks to all. Finally I got the cover off and no damage.

    Rod Pimentel i was lucky that cover wasn't too tight that I didn't need to use hammer.