Hi all what do you have your traction control set to I only ask as I have had...


Hi all, what do you have your traction control set to. I only ask as I have had mine set on on 3 under hard acceleration from stand still it suddenly seem to cut power rolled throttle of then back on all seemed ok with acceleration after that.

Now did I hit Rev limiter or did the traction control do something.

Hope you all understand what trying to describe.

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  • Don't have traction control on my ancient gen 1 I have to relie on good.old.fashioned throttle control

  • My traction is my right hand :-). As ive got a gen-1 :-)

  • Practically all riders racing in Superstock 1000 on ZX10r have their bikes on 1. Very similar to ZZR system. Technology moves on that is the point of Motogp bikes so not to use it when we are mere mortals compared to most racers is stupid.

  • F-OFF mode! :O

  • 1 in the dry, 2 if it's pishing down

  • Only traction control ive got, is when my ass holds on to my seat when i twist the throttle.....traction control tut!

  • mat right...your arse will tell you all you need to know..

  • Yep

  • When its at 20p its fine when at 50p i need to slow down