Hi all sorry I haven t been keeping up with the group much . strange year


Hi all, sorry I haven`t been keeping up with the group much, (strange year). Me and my lovely red thing are going over to the TT this year, and I wondered if anyone had any plans to meet up. This will be my first, and possibly last time there. I will be playing bass for a band called "Sweet Revenge" Will be at Bushys and others throughout the fortnight. Be nice to meet up.

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  • That's not the sweet revenge from Yeadon is it?

  • That's a good gig to get buddy

  • It will be my first TT this year as well, and the most miles I've put on my zed since i got it last year

  • What dates??. I am in Spain, but that is a one and only !!

  • Nice to see fellow bass players on here

  • I will be up there, this will be my 23rd year , so I kinda know the place quite well :D

  • I'm there too Russell, and last year it was the bike fest/show down at Peel where we met and that sounds a good place to aim for again. Hope to be meeting up with Joe Newton, Nigel Caldecott, Colin and anyone else that's around really. Might talk Colin into taking us on a bit of a rideout/guided tour ;-) And we'll definately drop into Bushy's as well (y)

  • Hi guys, thanks for all your comments, not plugging it (honest). But here is our itinerary for the fortnight. So looking forward to this, be great to see you all. Love and Peace (and big fuck off motorbikes) Russ

  • Thanks Russ, apart from any others, my mate and I will certainly be at The Raven Thurs 8th, we're

    camping at Ballamoar and can stagger home from there ;-) wont be a late one though because weather permitting it's the seniors next morning (y)

  • Pat, ZZR gone, can I still come and play?

  • Of course not Nigel!!! Unless you get the teas in

  • Still ZZR powered, am part-exciting it for a ZRX

  • Ahh, muscle bike eh? Get lots of good press those do. Wish you happy riding on it! Done the deal on the island?

  • I have bought the bike tested in this month's Practical Sportsbike mag.

  • Guess you'd made your decision before seeing that? Don't think you can go far wrong with one of those, just had a quick look on wikipedia, you going for 1100 (1052)?

  • Well, sort of, always fancied one, then read the article and thought, sod it, I'm having that !! Lol