• Hi all noob question I couldn t find the wading depth information in the...

    Hi all, noob question : I couldn't find the wading depth information in the manual of the bike... so was wondering if anyone can share this information.. What is the wading depth of our Versys? If we were going to wade through water (off road, river, flood, etc) what is the maximum depth we can go without causing any damage/potential damage to the bike? I've drawn 3 different colored lines ABC for easy reference... I may have waded thru between B and C today....

    • I'd suggest stay with the Green & Blue lines.

    • This should give you an idea if you take it slowly.

    • Who's panniers are on the bike in the picture?

    • Wow! And that's in a city!

    • To those who say the versys can't off road. Watch this and eat your words. https://youtu.be/EPGTMKYyoqA

    • Thanks guys for all the YouTube videos about the Versys wading thru water! It's real fun to watch and I kinda get where the wading depth limits are now... but I won't be doing it anytime soon... it's just important knowledge to keep in mind in cases of emergency situations where I must cross those waters..

      If those situations do arise, I'll probably need to take some precautions like planning and visualizing the exact path to wade thru by physically testing the path if possible (especially under murky waters where I can't see any holes or potential obstacles underneath) and especially if it's a path I'm not familiar with at all. It will be a real bummer if I just go in blindly and end up tipping the bike over and falling down into those waters and risks hurting myself and damaging the bike/panniers/stuff on the bike... :D

      Have fun and ride safe guys!

    • The panniers came free of charge with the bike when I bought it while it was under a sales promotion... it's a China made metal panniers with rubber dampeners on the corners.. pretty solid and good I would say :)

    • Thanks for this guide!

    • Words to live by

    • I have tried the red line, no problem. Just keep the throttle open all the time like how the versysman did

    • Been wading passed A level since 3 years ago and bike still run smooth today.

      If u r keen on doing 'adventure' route we should hook up for ride and camp somewhere bro

    • Who is the manufacturer. They look good and I need more space for traveling.

    • Question time! Are there any hardcore offroaders here that have snorkelled the intake? Was is hard? Do you have a guide?

    • I was thinking about that!

    • Next step is a scuba tank and you create a new sport - underwater biking!

    • The brand on the panniers just say "ChengWei". They do sell it in the local shop but not sure if u can get it locally wherever you are based.

    • Every lubed chain suffers from grit and dirt