Hi all Just a battery question My battery crapped out today so I was...


Hi all. Just a battery question. My battery crapped out today, so I was wondering what brand you would recommend available to me up here in Canada. I bought my current Durabatt last spring, and it's toast now. Not pleased. I was contemplating lithium ion, but price is putting me off. So ya. Brand suggestions? Brands I'm currently contemplating between are Motomaster and Yuasa. Any others?

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  • I've been using Motobatt MBTX16U with a CTEK trickle charger in my VN2000lt and 1800 Goldwing for 6 years touch wood no trouble

  • Is your dead batt covered by a warranty, could be able to trade it in

  • I'll be taking it back to the shop I bought it from tomorrow. Guess we'll see if they'll trade it.

  • Yuasa is the only thing I run and I use a trickle charger

  • Think mine is a motobatt, fibreglass acid .

  • This is what I use. And had one go bad. Walked back into store with bad bad battery and exchanged it with zero problems. www.batteriesplus.com/battery/motorcycle/kawasaki/ vn2000=a-vulcan/2000cc/2005/cyla20chbsxta