Hi all I need some advice I need to modify replace or adjust the stock seat...

Hi all. I need some advice. I need to modify, replace or adjust the stock seat as my ideal seating position is right on the point where the seat has the slight rise. Thoughts?

  • Id be looking on eBay for a second hand one to have a go at modding it. Usually around £50 If you're lucky. You still have an original if it doesn't work out then

  • I've been looking on eBay and no stock ones for the 650 or 800. I'm happy enough with the shape just need to level it. I'll keep watching wbay

  • Thoughts are why are you sitting so far back? And won't that completely eliminate any using it as a two seater?

    Next thoughts are maybe see the factory 'cafe racer' style seat with the hump, or any of the aftermarket ones. Or take your seat to an upholsterer and have them reshape and recover it to suit you.

  • Try a 34" inside leg

  • Mmm I've put a lot of taller riders on all sorts of bikes, may not sound like it would help but have you considered a change of handlebars, it will change the overall ergonomics of the bike. Unless your knees are up by your ears :p even then, they sell drop pegs and resets and all sorts for the W, moving your arms and or feet would make more sense than sitting overall further back on the bike, your getting yourself off center on the bike, balance and suspension will be out of whack

  • go get a first version seat

  • Get another bike taht better fits your morphology and riding style ?

  • Scott Not necessarily. I see lots of W riders trying hard to ride with a senator stance, back straight up. Especially after they had low Euro handlebar installed. Not only does it generate back ache at some point, but it is also slightly ... weird.. Just as Darren I do ride with my butt a bit further back, and my spine in line with the shocks line. And I'm a very average guy (in many regards) ;) Look at Eugene in the Moto Breakfast video...

  • To an extent sure, but these are an upright 'sit up and beg' style bike, then to be sitting on where the rise in the seat is, your halfway back along the entire seat, waaay too much, adress the ergos and that wont be required. Bikes arent made to be ridden with the rider sitting over the back wheel...

  • They are with the wide "US handlebar", not with a low UK bar. Darren hasn't posted a pic so we don't know how his bike is equipped, but different handlebar width and height dictate different riding stances. I long ago changed my OEM seat for an LSL Clubman, then for a BSA-replica one, and I do sit way back, tucking my delicate bottocks in the seat hump.

  • Ahh thats the other thing too i always assume w800 especially when talking about seats with different levels in them, i lose track is this in the 650/800 group or is this in the 800 group? Cant see which on my phone lolcould be the oddball bars then, which comes back to fixing the ergos to start with. And the 650 has the disadvantage of the wierd offset footpegs to begin with too.

  • Get the seat reupholstered. Theres a guy in Yorkshire who does a good job by all accounts. You'll have to ask for his name on the Lonely Ones forum.

  • Some good points made. I really should have posted a pic.

  • The bars are pretty wide.

  • The thought has occurred to me. But I love the bike....

  • You got the US bar.

  • He's called Tony Archer. He does all sorts of bike seat refills/recovers. He did my W800 and it transformed the bike. All day comfortable. http://tonyarcher.co.uk/

  • Sounds like I need to do the seat and the bars to maximise the potential of the bike. Oh well..

  • Here's my W800 with the seat reprofiled. You can see the dip has almost gone. It also has wider, upright bars fitted.

  • What brushguards are those Jeff?

  • Rearsets may help too

  • I thought of that but not with my dodgy ankle. I need to keep the sit up position. I might look at the lower bars as that would pull me a little forward

  • Richard Sharp Barkbusters, here's a better shot of them

  • You're the late night chocolate beverage over on the Lonely 'uns, right? :D

  • Richard Sharp guilty as charged :-)

  • Beverage also exists as a nut :-P

  • Hi Darren Watt, I am similar to you regarding seat. If I sit where I should, my knees are beyond the knee pads and rest on the raised edge, uncomfortable when gripping tightly, lol I have also been looking for a seat change or alterations to the existing. I think if your 6 ft tall and over it can be a problem.

  • I am adding a chair to it now, so the bigger bars will be an advantage.