Hi all I m on the lookout for a nice kdx220 in uk if there is anything around


Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a nice kdx220 in uk if there is anything around?

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  • Odd one pops up on Ebay but not a lot about. They tend to be keepers. Had mine nearly 10 years now and still love it. Good luck.

  • Cheers rob, seen a couple pass through eBay - a really nice one a couple of months ago for about £1400 ish very clean late bike.. just been trying to look at completed prices to get an idea what they tend to go for..

  • Your guess is good as mine mate. Some people seem to want up to 2500 quid for a 2003 or around that area. Some people are more realistic :) They are a bloody sound bike though, done all sorts on mine. I do have older air cooled KDX's aswell, the whole run of KDX's was good. Pity they stopped the model.

  • I'd sell mine for £2300 vgc 2002 02 220kdx

  • Aaron Phillips too rich for me I'm afraid :( a couple that year have gone for around £1400 on ebay

  • Fair enough, but mines done 600 miles from new

  • Just run in. Christ, i didnt even change the first piston on my 220 till 7000 miles :) The bikes are indestructable :)

  • Aaron Phillips woah.. any pics? Any negotiation on price at all?

  • Rob Ashton i just use it round my track and quick spin up the road now and then.

  • I'm selling my air cooled 200, if you're man enough