Hi all I m new here and have some questions Did anyone realize your child had...

Hi all- I'm new here and have some questions. Did anyone realize your child had KD weeks after the fact? If so, how was it diagnosed?

Taking my 5 year old to the pediatrician tomorrow because I think he misdiagnosed her as having a regular virus. She meets most of the KD symptoms and I'm worried because she was ill two weeks ago. Thank you so much for any info.

  • My daughter doesn't have any peeling as of now. Her big symptoms were high fever for 6 days, red cracked lips, bloodshot eye, headache and lethargy.

  • My daughter was misdiagnosed twice while she had KD, at 13 months old. She was sooo sick. Luckily she got better. We didn't find out that's what she had until about 8 YEARS after she was sick, when we found out by a fluke that she has multiple aneurysms. The Dr mentioned KD, and I flashed back to when she was so sick. The thing that really bugs me is that she had all the textbook symptoms and was still misdiagnosed. I was young, and didn't think to question the Dr. If I had, she may have gotten diagnosed and treated and not ended up with the aneurysms. Very frustrating!

  • Can you take her to a Children's Hospital? It would be best to bypass the ped and have them see her. It's more commonly (correctly) diagnosed/tested there.

  • Wow! I am glad they did finally discover it and monitor her now rather than the possible deadly alternative.

  • Thanks all! We are at the Kawasaki Center at our Children's Hospital now

  • I'll most more later, but any feet peeling?

  • Her echo and ekg looked fine!

  • Yes my daughter had Kawasaki well over a few weeks before they diagnosed her. When her eyes extremely bloodshot and her fever wouldn't go away was when they finally started to consider it

  • Melissa Adams Brandt that's good news :)

  • So please to hear that those are ok! My girl was diagnosed 8 months after using photos as wasn't picked up properly at the time. She had peeling hands and feet though and was classic signs.

  • My son started to run a fever one night, he was complaining of a sore throat. And his sister was running a fever as well. I figured it was strep since she had been getting it alot. I took them to the doc the next morning, my daughter tested positive for strep my son did not. The doc treated both with antibiotics, since the doc said his throat looked like his sisters. My daughter was better after 24 hours. My son wasn't getting better and continued to run a fever. I called the doc back and the doc thought maybe it was viral. On the 6th day of the fever he woke up completely swollen, cracked lips, bloodshot eyes. I called my doc, and they told me to get him the er. The er doc took one look at him, and told me she was admitting him for Kawasaki diease. The blood results came back, and the doc said his inflammation levels were through the roof. They started him on IVIG. He continued to run a fever, so they did a second round of the IVIG 24 hours later. Then my son started to complain of a sore throat. They tested him for strep, that came back positive. So he was treated with IV antibiotics. So not only did he have Kawasaki diease but also came down with strep that he probably got from his sister.

  • My daughter had strep with kawasaki too. I heard that strep can trigger it.

  • While at the hospital they told me that strep and kawasaki can go hand in hand.