Hi all has anybody taken the swing arm off before for maintenance If so any...


Hi all, has anybody taken the swing arm off before for maintenance? If so any tips ect? I have the haynes manual to refer to aswell


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  • Clean as much crap away from pivots as possible especially chain crap on drive side pretty easy job

  • Spray wd40 or waxoyl inside before you put it back, I had one rust through from the inside in the past.

  • Not done it on this bike , but should be quite easy , drop rear wheel remover shockers and chain gard ,just so it won't get damaged , undo the big nut that holds the pin in ,could be abit tight so drive it out with a long piece of wooden down so it won't damage the thread , the nut goes on .once the pin is out , should be a case of wiggling it free

  • Yer there thin pressed steel , and will rust like a fiat in the sea lol

  • Thanks all, im going to give it a few coats with back paint, maybe hammerite after sanding it down, im going to attempt to remove as much rust from the inside as i can, im trying to get her as good as i can for a trip to normandy in may :D many thanks for the help

  • Are the bushes easy to change ? I had an advisory on my last MOT

  • Hardest part is drifting the bearings out, there is very little rim to get a purchase on.

  • John Hulme possible get the garage to do it when they MOT It then John ?

  • You have to drive them out from the opposite side, I used a long tyre lever and hammer, the new bearing has to be seated the depth of the seal in the swing arm. Its not hard, just a bit fiddely. Pay the garage rates if you want, I'd rather spend the money on petrol!

  • John Hulme our garage is an independent one man band so he's cheap ! ..... I just don't want to break anything

  • Always been a diy man myself, mostly because when I was younger I couldn't afford to pay someone else. Mind you I did have my Dad to help me back then and he was trained by the RAF in 1938! Good to see you supporting the small trader.

  • John Hulme I always support local

  • If it's quite clean inside pour oil inside ,and swill it about to coat everything , just helps preserve it .

  • You doing the Normandy beaches.,? Been 3 times best holidays ever., giz a shout if you need any tips or info

  • yes mate, we are only there for 4 full days, i cannot wait tbh, my only real question is... what are the french police like? did you have any trouble with them or are they genuinely alright?

  • Use smoothrite satin black can brush it on doesn't show brush marks and looks good

  • I got it off and ive cleaned the inches of thick oil and muck off it, going to let it dry over night and then sand it down and paint her :D i stupidly brought dark green hammerite instead of black haha