Hi all got a standard exhaust can for sale Any good to anyone will put pic up...

Hi all got a standard exhaust can for sale. Any good to anyone? will put pic up when I get home. Thanks

  • Tbh mate it's worth keeping. Sell it on with the bike or something. They're the first thing off a Zed because theyre proper lame!! ;)

  • The z1000 ones are even worse.

  • I sold the bike lol

  • Shoulda given it to him to worry about ha!!!

  • I'll scrap it lol

  • Someone might take it off ya to play about with mate

  • That's more than scarp prices

  • Well I recently looked for a stock exhaust and they are hard to find online!! Mine had to come from the USA ( im from the netherlands) so I'd say post it on ebay for someone who is looking for it :)