Hi all do u guys have problems opening the fuel cap Mine seemed to be always...


Hi all, do u guys have problems opening the fuel cap? Mine seemed to be always jammed when opening even when i oil it.

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  • Den i think i have to change to the aftermarket fuel cap. Maybe rizoma?

  • Any recommendations?

  • Can't really remember what I fitted it's none locking but never had a problem with any one tampering

  • The fuel cap needs a full disassembly for cleaning and oiling once every 2-3 years. It is not enough just to spray through the holes. There are 2 small springs inside that have dirt build inside. I have did this to mine couple weeks ago. The procedure takes around 15-20 minutes but need to care because there are some really small parts that can pop away from the springs if you do not pay attention and you dont service it on a clean table with a piece of cloth on it. I am sorry that I missed taking pictures but it really is not that complicated. If I remember correct after you take the fuel cap system off the tank there are like 6-8 more screws on the key-hole-assembly until fully open. Care not to miss the 2 springs.

  • Omg. Do u need to take out the tank too? May try to open it up after work later. Coz my petrol gonna hit reserve soon

  • Triple Brembo You can leave the tank on the bike. Just make sure to get a big towel to cover the hole from not getting dirt or anything else inside while you are doing the procedure.

  • I leave a squirt of wd40 annually, while a few drops of multipurpose lubes monthly or bi-monthly. I also practised to push the cap down everytime i twist the key to open the cap. Never had any problem so far since 2011

  • Me too. Maybe because i exposed my bike to the weather too much dats y it jammed

  • Triple Brembo Yes that is correct. Too much rain, wind cause dirt to penetrate everything. Also if you wash your bike too often you do bad also.

  • Thx for d advise guys. Need to invest a bike cover to protect bike