Hi all cheers for the add


Hi all, cheers for the add......

Im thinking of getting a Z750 (second hand around a 2005 model) and wondered what i need to look out for ?

Ive been toying with the idea of swapping my bike (06 ZX6R) but the ride I just got back from has convinced me I need to.....

I want to stay with Kawasaki and need something more upright so a Z750 it may well be.....In Oriental Blue hopefully :D

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  • Just check the usual. Chain health, sprocket teeth, tell them not to start it before you arrive. See if it starts first time and no blue smoke. Check tyre tread, brakes and electrics(lights horn etc)

    Make sure you go on a test ride listen for loud knocking noises and trouble changing gears.

    But I agree with baz they are great bikes.

  • Also not all of the above should worry you but may help bargain down price. I got my z750 55 plate for a good price compared to others because it needed a new battery, mirrors and chain

  • For the price they are there is no better one in the Group of 600cc and not far from the Animals 1000cc

  • Cool....Cheers boys...my difficulty is I need a swap for mine or PX mine in as I need transport every day :(

  • I had a 636, and loved it, but my 05 Z750 is the best bike I've owned.

  • Thats what I want to hear :D ha ha ha

  • not as fast as the 636, but plenty of power to get you in trouble.

  • I dont use all of my 636 to be honest.....

    99% of my use is down country lanes to work and back that are usually littered with debris or tractors :D

  • I'm a country lane hooligan too jody. Love the Zed. Today I did 25 miles in 21 minutes. Slightly faster than average speed let's say. This included the usual 5 mins to get out of Guildford.