Hi all

Hi @all.

What is behind that cover?

It's getting very hot. Embarrassing.

Is it normal or a problem? And if so, how can i fix it?

Any ideas?

  • Your compression release solenoid is behind that. The heat is coming from your exhaust, for the most part. If you have Highway bars and footpegs on them, use them in warmer weather.

  • an engine is hot, thats normal....

  • :D Ok

  • LOL

  • maybe that is where the heater is ??

  • Yeah, or maybe the little Kawasaki Goblin is starting a barbecue :D

  • I understand. It's just a Volcano! ;)

  • That's the foot warmer feature on the high end model ;) ya know , sometimes ur right foot gets cold .. lol

  • That's the rice burner !!!

  • It's hot enough to make popcorn with it!