Hi all 2011 gen 1 battery gone flat and not enough juice to crank it over...


Hi all, 2011 gen 1 battery gone flat and not enough juice to crank it over properly. It was fine the other day when I used it. So... can I jump start it, where is the battery and if I have to replace the battery is there anything weird that will happen with with the immobiliser? Thanks

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  • I've got some battery power but it's labouring when I crank it over. Will try a bump when it stops raining.

  • Aslong as the dash lights up then you can bump it in second... did it with mine last week because it had been stood a while..

    Have to be on steep hill or someone that will push it fast though, else you no chance with zzr if not up to speed

  • Coswort

  • Yes, Cosworth!

  • Buy a smart charger and leave it plugged in when the bike is parked up, not only will it make your battery last longer, you won't get all this palaver.

  • Mike you a sax player? Loving the sax at the moment... (and the cosworth)

  • Yes Sean, I play sax, great instrument, do you play also?

  • ..i dont, but seriously considering it lately.

    Me and the mrs are getting married in a few months and there is a certain song she wants to walk down too... and i only like this one particular Sax version, cant find anyone near me who'll come and play it (or if they will they want me to take out another mortgage to fund them!)

    Guess i'll have to put up with the bloody organ out of key/tune

  • Optimate 4 all the way