Hi all

Hi all ..

I have a problem that I need help with .. The only thing holding up the completion of my zed is a coolant bottle .. With the head light mod I have limited space now so the original bottle is out.. it needs to be a smaller square-ish or round-ish bottle that will fit where the original was .. I have tried a couple of Alu ones but they foul the steering ..

I'll have a measure up in a min

.. Cheerz AL..

  • polystyrene tea cup ?

  • The small fire extinguisher from Halford designed for taxis would work well .empty it cut in half.remove section and weld back together and fit hose ends and cut out cap mount if your old bottle and job done alot work but would look cool lol.

  • Use a beer can!!! Simple

  • Have a look at some of the 2 stroke oil/petrol mixing bottles that you use on chainsaws and the like.

  • BEER CAN!!!!!!! BEER CAN!!!!! BEER CAN!!!!!!!!

  • if only Carling made expansion bottles lol

  • Just got in from blackheath I'll follow this up later today