Hi all


Hi all

we're starting to plan a W-meeting in Europe...

maybe August 2012.. maybe in Hungary ?

Do you have any preference ? suggestions ?

looking forward to meet as much of W-riders as possible in the same place!

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  • It would be great. On my opinion we should find the location basing on the " distribution " of the participants... France, Italy, Germany and Uk seem the countries with more W650 around...

  • or just in the center of europe,

  • we need some people who can help, wherever we'll chose to go. In hungary we could have somebody. in the center of europe coulb be.. germany? and there I'm sure we will have some friends :) kurt, where are you from ?

  • belgium antwerp

  • Hmmm. What about Belgium for the meeting??? Pros: beer, friendly people ( I have a lot of friends in Gent), nice place ( Brugge is fantastic), close to France and Germany and Uk. Cons: bad weather always raining there!

  • Hungary is a very good place, maybe around the Balaton....

  • The idea about Hungary, (lake Balaton, Zamardi, ), was born about one month ago in our WER italian meeting near Florence becouse my wife is hungarian and can help us a lot!

    1) more or less the same distance for every country

    2) cheap

    3) beautiful country, a lot of thing to see

    4) great food and beer

    5) last but not the least, the hungarian girl... :-))) keep in touch

  • I know very well Hungary, many years ago I had 2 girlfriends Hungarian... I really hope to can come (Now I have a wife...)

  • You know very well Hungary or Hungarian girls? :-))))

  • Hamlet's doubt....