Heyy guys the fatty is back from customizing

Heyy guys, the fatty is back from customizing

  • yes the V2K does look good with apes , plus you can post pictures in comments now on FB.

  • I had ape hangers on my last bike , they were 16 inches . it is the most comfortable handle bar you can have . that is my next modification for my bike . a lot of people look at them and think that you are trying to be bad . all they have to do is ride one and then they convert their own bike . its funny how that happens . looks sweet dude :-)

  • I need to get some

  • what size are the ones on the OP bike?

  • mine are barons kong bars , 16". I am 6 2 and it made it a world of difference in comfort. I did the work my self, its not hard just tedious soldering a billion wires lol i got the baron cable kit for 16" bars. If i could do it again i would measure and used barnett chrome ones

  • what was the total cost Thomas for the bars and the cables and brake line ?

  • buddys shadow 1100 has apes about that size, actually felt comfy even on that smallish bike

  • 185 for bars and 285 for cables from phat performance with free shipping so about 470 if you do it yourself . Here is how i did the internals , the black tape slides up into the bars, i tried to arrange the connecters to mimic the color changing paint

  • heres how the front looks. sorry axel didnt mean to blow up your thread lol

  • thanks Thomas :-) now like Joe Dirt said ( now I know how much money I need )