Hey you Teryx machanic s I m stumped and so is everyone else that has looked...

Hey you Teryx machanic's. I'm stumped and so is everyone else that has looked at my 2009 750 FI LE. My unit is running extreamly rich getting way to much fuel. Replaced fuel pump and regulator tested getting 42 psi. Tested and cleaned enjectors spraying a good mist. Tested inlet air pressure sensor good. Throttle sensor good. Air temp sensor good. Checked valve clearance good. Checked compression perfect. I know what your thinking ECM bad because thats what i though. Ordered a new ECM 425 bones, put it in same thing. Something is telling the ECM its not getting enough fuel so fuel is pooring in causing black smoke and fouling out the plugs. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • Might sound crazy. But check coolant temp sensor. We had one on a brute force that went bad and kept flooding it out and fouling plugs. Changed it and new plugs all was good