Hey quick question does anybody know what the uk decibel limit is for exhausts


Hey quick question does anybody know what the uk decibel limit is for exhausts? Ive added a slashcut pipe on my bike and not sure if its too loud its running straight through to the catalytic converter so didnt expect it to be soo loud, my gsxr before was straight through but this sounds louder lol

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  • Hi Matt, any chance of putting a video of how loud it is. I'm thinking of doing the same with mine but wasn't sure how loud it would be. Cheers

  • I'm positive it's 86db my previous bike was 108 but it was a cruiser so for some reason that style of bike was considered acceptable

  • I fitted urban brawler that where loud, I then fitted the db killers it's about 90 db now

  • Ill do a video on saturday if you like i was a bit iffy about the sound but ive had a second opinion and its the same level as my other bike but this does sound so nice compared to standard i got them for £20 posted through a company on ebay i can send you the link if you like?

  • don't send d link.. send me d pipe itself... lol

  • Yeah if u could please ☺

  • You did it then Matt Pearce .... If like mine then they are not too loud to be concerned, after all loud pipes saves lives :-)

  • Haha no chance sepul ;-) and garry is yours popping allot though when decelerating? I got some dirty looks this morning think people dont like to be woken up ;-) lol

  • Matt Pearce can u post that link when u get the chance. Cheers ☺

  • I sent you the link the other day colin it might be in your others message? I tried taking a vid but werent very good on my phone sorry

  • Thanks Matt ☺