Hey nice groupe youve got here


Hey, nice groupe youve got here.

Like many of you ive been preping my bike for the first ride of the year.

Yesterday i managed to blow my mainfuse.

The problem is that im having trouble locating it.

Ive found the fusebox but the mainfuse is not there.

The manual is just not helping either.

As it says its located in the battery compartment but its pictures are showing under the riderseat.

Anyone got experince on this?

Oh, its a Z800 2014.

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  • Hi, I have no experience on kawasaki as I've just ordered my first one but from other bike knowledge it is usually on the wiring loom under seat/battery compartment on a in line fuse, bare in mind it could be tucked down a side of something.

  • Hm, ill look into that.


  • It will be with the starter solednoid

  • There is two fuseboxes. One close to the battery and another one behind the cover where your left leg/knee will rest when riding the bike.

  • Last one carries the main fuse which is a 20 or 15

  • Here?

  • No, the one above.

  • found the damn thing, thanks guys.