Hey I got a serious question I have recently noticed after riding for a while...

Hey, I got a serious question. I have recently noticed after riding for a while real hard she has a problem with any power after 1/2 throttle or so. I thought I got shit gas the firs time it happened, but today after the oil change Bare Carr recommends and sea foam in the oil & the tank, it happened again today...I know I am pushing her & my luck to the limits, but is this a temp problem? 31,000+ on the original coolant. I'm going to change it, but is there anything else? I need to find a dyno machine & get her set up...

  • Indicates maybe fuel filter problem in fuel pump ..Is your clutch slipping??

  • Mine would fall on her face when the fuel pump was going out

    425.00 later good as new

  • Bet you a case of very good beer it's a fuel pump.

  • Similar issue with mine, changed the fuel pump.

  • I have a pump I have pulled out of a used / wrecked bike

    Had 6-7000 miles on it.

    For sale

  • mine do it and it was a dirt gaz filter inside the fuel tank i removed the fuel pump inside the fuel tank and after dismantlkiig carefullu the fuel pump assembly i cleaned the fuel filter and after reassembly the bilke ran fine.