Hey hey guy s and gals quick question what would you all say is the best or...


Hey hey guy's and gals quick question what would you all say is the best or recommended settings on front shocks single driving and pinion on zx12 04 model?

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  • I would say whatever they are set to now bro?

  • When bikes are manufactured they are set to accommodate various styles of riding, you should only ever need to mess around with the suspension if you are putting the bike on the track, then it becomes a whole different science altogether.

  • Not totally true, there are many factors that are not taken into account at the factory, rider weight, height, level of skill, getting suspension professionally adjusted can be a very cheap way to gain a significant amount of confidence on your motorcycle through corners and even hard on the throttle or brakes.

  • Some of the magazines have a suggested suspension setting when do a road test. I tried it on my 14 and it was very close to right on.

  • Nonsense. They're set in the middle of their travel and nothing more. They need to be set for your size and riding style or you're not getting half of what your bike has to offer.

  • Exactly.

  • This is how I found a good starting point for my 12. Take note of your adjustments and give it a proper road test.

    Setting sag is important as well. Unfortunately, I've never taken the time to do it.