Hey guys what I must pax attention with the oil change at my v2k. Thanks


Hey guys, what I must pax attention with the oil change at my v2k? Thanks

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  • 5 darn it, and use castrol don't be cheap

  • Don't be cheap? Castrol? You are funny. ....buy what you want, I know a lot of people who have the v2k use only Rotella t6.....maybe for a good reason.

  • Rotella t6 and 6 quarts to fill it with new filter has always worked for me

  • i use amsoil but thats just me

  • It's done, but the old Filter doesn't won't go off of my bike - i think he loves it :p

    First I take 5.2 Liter oil and after 30 min i started the bike. After then I filled the oil to the top again - then it was 6 Liter complete.

  • That's a nasty looking filter, looks like it's been on for years. .lol

  • I did on my last oil change, works great. Rotella that is...

  • Yes, it was 4 years :(

  • All this good help but nothing is said about using "anti-seize compound"... Same with spark plugs or any bolt that goes into your aluminum block that you will be replacing like oil drain bolts or spark plugs. 15 years from now I know I will never have a problem using this compound and proper torque specs.

  • Blah blah blah anti seize blah blah blah

  • My advise is to ride it enough to change the oil a few times a year. Best anti seize ever.