Hey guys trying to save money this year on maintenance with the bike My...


Hey guys trying to save money this year on maintenance with the bike. My question to you all....Is changing the oil difficult?

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  • Nope. But if you have a bike jack it makes it even easier. VN2000.com has a great step by step on doing it without a jack. Make sure you drain both plugs.

  • Cool

  • I would go with a purolator pl14610 oil filter and she'll rotella T6 5w40. Changed the way the bike runs significantly. Filter is at advanced auto and Walmart is the cheapest for T6. Good luck.

  • Will be picking it up tomorrow after work. Ride hard brother

  • Three drain bolts. Don't tighten to much or you will strip one of them.

  • As Glenn mentioned. The bolt on the clutch basket is very prone to stripping. Just be careful and you got it no prob. I'll see if I can't send you the pdf file I used

  • Rotella T6 and Purolator filter PL14610 or PL14459 work very well. The PL14459 is shorter, but it's a little better rated, I will try it out next change. The PL14610 is the standardly used one.

  • Just messaged it to ya man

  • Mike Mari Crookham, got anything to add??

  • Ill add it for him Steve since i found out the hard way!!

    Use anti- seize when you put the bolts back in!!!!

    A stripped clutch drain bolt the day before a 600 mile road trip is not a fun situation to be in !!

  • Thank you Ben

  • You're welcome donald. Best of luck!

  • Uh, there are 3 drain plugs. You can leave on side stand, and drain them highest to lowest. DON'T over-torque the plugs, and make damned sure NOT to cross-thread them. Use full synthetic oil.

  • Yup. They never stip off the plug, only off the drain hole. It sucks.

  • Thank You John Piekielniak... If only more people would follow your post. Steve Miller likes to tease me, I'm a firm believer in using Anti-Seize Compound. I'm not Bashful on explaining that the Block is aluminum and when you thread a steel bolt into the block like spark plugs or drain bolts you will strip the threads. Every bolt has a torque spec how much to tighten... John you beat me to it. Thanks.

  • I totally did this and ripped out some of the threads on the oil pan. Luckily there is a tiny bit of extra threads past the stock bolt and you can use a slightly longer bolt if you do this

  • And i never tightened mine down hard either

    Actually worried bout it backing out more than anything because i had heard for years they were easy to strip

    But dont worry now thats its back in even with antiseize on it ill never take it back out

    Not worth it to me for the small amount of oil i get outta the clutch case

  • Ok. What I do?! Followed instructions to the letter. Warmed her up, drained old oil top to bottom, replaced filter (that was a bitch), and filled with 5.5 qts rotella t6. Now she won't fire.

  • Got to ask, is it out of gear ??? Is the key in the central position to start ??? Lol, I've had friends try to take my bike but had the key turned all the way to right and not center. This messed with them. When I sat on Bike, turned the key and it started... They still don't know.

  • Dave, I hope you like the Rotella. It's been very good to me and others. I now use it in both Bikes and all my cars. My 66 Buick really loves it. What a difference it made in the Buick with a 425 nailhead motor.

  • Lol! Nope. I've tried to think of every, "Dave, you're an idiot!" mistake I might be capable of. Not that. Neutral, key in center spot. I'd love to give a great review of the Rotella. And I will as soon again I can start my bike!

  • I enjoy a good laugh Dave, sorry no harm meant...

  • None taken! And I'll laugh my ass off as soon as I'm rolling again. ;)