Hey guys started the dub for the first time in a long time yesterday and I seem...

Hey guys, started the dub for the first time in a long time yesterday and I seem to have a leak somewhere round the bottom of the carb, it seems to be coming from where the bowl? joins the bottom of the carb, (green circle area) as there was fuel around this join but no higher and it was also dripping off the carb from the screws (red arrows)

I assume the rubber seal is gone my question is how easy is it for someone with minimal mechanical experience to replace these seals???

And could I replace them in situ or do I have to take the whole carb off the bike???

Cheers for your time,

Ps pic is for reference only, that's not my bike.

  • I`ve had that before on mine after being unused for a while. It was probably a bit of muck holding the float valve open slightly, a good run sorted it.

  • Did you leave it on PRI by any chance ?

  • no turned tap to prime for 5 secs then to on, choke out and start, began to drip shortly after then dripped for 5 or 10 mins after i shut down the bike then stopped.

  • Nic Versluis please read your inbox nic i wanna ask about ur gastank :) thx

  • If I leave my DuBster for ,ore than 4 weeks I drain carbs. Not had leaks pr sticks. Maybe ts just ,e bit it worls. Otherwise give ot a good run.

    I only use pri when I've drained system otherwise when stab the tit for fire it sux in the motion potion

  • Killer DuB :v

  • I've taken mine apart a few times and seal was fine even though it looks very compressed so unlikely a bad joint, but I would guess on it being stuck or dirty float valve . You could drain the bowls via drain point on r/h side and refill with fresh fuel. The carbs are not too bad to get off which you would have to do to get to the floats, but you need a workshop manual I would say,I did anyway! The vacuum petrol tap will only fill while the engine is running, that's why it stopped when you turned engine off. Hope this is of some help,I'm no mechanic!!