Hey guys Quick question Can I totally remove the battery and use only the...

Hey guys. Quick question. Can I totally remove the battery and use only the kickstart, like in an SR?

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  • You need to run a small cheater battery for the ECU. I run the smallest ballistic battery. It doesn't weigh anything and it can sit for over six months without de-charging. That being said the electric start is really nice to have compared to the few pounds you save.

  • You can remove all batteries entirely and just run a capacitor, plenty around all the modern injected dirt bikes use them or pick one up and wire it up from the local electronics shop, they should be able to help you pick one big enough. It will usually take at least two kicks to start it up, one to juice up the cap enough to run the ignition system and then on the second one it's got a decent enough spark to keep going.

    That being said, it's a lot more expensive but the smallest antigravity lithium 4cell battery will kick over the W and isn't much bigger than a super cap.

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  • Yes, any 4 cell lithium battery will work. A YTX4L-BS will work as well. And while you're at it go and remove the starter.

  • You guys rock. My initial thought was for a lithium battery under the seat so I guess I'll stick to it. It's not about weight reduction but about bulkiness reduction. Since I'm removing the air box I don't want an ugly square box under the seat. I'm going for something cleaner.

  • Like this

  • Michael, KilleR Yam!!!!!

  • Andrew, I take it you had abung machined to size of starter spigot to plug up hole?

  • Correct Ned, with a grove for o-ring and a lip at the end to sit flush on the case.

  • Also you will loose a little Horsepower by removing the Air box Michael. You will also need to change the needles out in the carb because they are actually two different lengths to tune for the shape of the air box. Then re-jet.

  • How remis of me Andrew I forgot to mention a groove for the O ring, as one could have an oil leak lest the flange to butt up to the casing.

  • Andrew you seem to know your stuff. I hope you don't mind if I poke you in the future :)