• hey guys question for ya As our bikes are 20 odd years old and forks get...

    hey guys question for ya.. As our bikes are 20 odd years old and forks get pitted.. other than to re chrome is there something out there that is like a pit Fuller if you know what I mean...

    • Bear in mind that pitted forks is an MoT failure.

    • not in Ireland it isn't mate

    • Helpful for others to know.

    • Sounds like a good reason to visit Ireland

    • What that mean when your forks are pitted? I've never heard of that term before

    • When there are rust spots that have gone through the chrome, Bradley.

      Cuts the fork seals up.

    • Ohh ok thanks! When I bought mine 2 years ago the seals were leaking bad, but had them replaced and had the forks checked over. No problems since then

    • Too many wheelies can do the seals in.

    • Thats what I think had happened. The previous owner pulled a wheelie while he was showing me the bike, and had race gas in his garage so I know he beat it pretty hard. Probably why it has so many problems hahaha

    • The only wheelie I ever did on mine was by accident.

    • I remember my first accidental wheelie on her, just got her back from the shop with a fresh carb tune/clean and raced my buddies at a red light. Once the tach hit 8k, i almost 12 o'clocked it! Had to jam on the rear brake haha

    • I think of a seller did that in font of me I'd turn and walk away.

    • Same here.

    • That bikes a total monster. Ive wanted to try and learn how to wheelie with it, but I've heard too many horror stories about throwin the 3rd from oil starvation so i havent really tried

    • Thats probably a good call haha but I figured hey this bike is tough and im a dumb teenager so I want to wheelie and go fast lol, didnt really think long term at the moment, plus I got a good deal on it

    • Second gear went on mine about 20 years ago, so I have to ride around it. Kinda slows the acceleration.

    • Ouch! 3rd gears out on mine, no way I can afford to have it fixed, its cheaper to buy a new engine and trans and have it swapped in lol

    • I just can't face the grief and expense of fixing it, it's a mega job and my facilities are limited. I can live with it.

    • My bike is pretty much too dangerous to ride at the moment and needs a ton of work so she's sitting for now. But I did ride for a few months without 3rd gear, wasn't too bad