Hey guys need a new back tire looking for a good track road tire Been on...


Hey guys need a new back tire looking for a good track/road tire. Been on Bridgestone for just under a year. Any try anything else on the track aswell as road

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  • Tyre technology has evolved this past few years with the Pilot Road 4 in winter/wet and for summer/trackdays Dunlop Sportsmarts. Pretty damn amazing all round, when we have TCS and ABS to play with one can find out what enormous reserves of grip are available.

    http://www.superbike.co.uk/product-reviews/dunlop- sportsmart2/

  • Haven't been to track yet. I use metzeler z800 tyre. Pretty good grip on wet weather, mileage is about 16000 kilometres.

  • I did 3 track days this year on Road Pilot 3. Unless you are very very quick or haven't got your bike set up properly I'm sure the PR3 or PR4 will work well for you. The outside compound is very grippy and they get up to temp quick. I run 30/32 psi on an average warm day. They give plenty of warning if you forget your on road rubber. Enjoy!