Hey guys n gals I ve had my first issue with the big Z. I ve lost a bolt screw


Hey guys n gals,I've had my first issue with the big Z..I've lost a bolt/screw

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  • The guy at the shop that didn't want to order it for you is a muppet. I order bolts no problem.

  • I needed my chassis number he said Pat..and I'm an hour away from the shop

  • WTF would he need the chassis number to order a bolt? He would have had access to the exact same information I have posted here. The guy is a tool. =D =D

  • He said it's just come in, every time they log into s computer they have to put the chassis number of that customers bike..which is a nightmare or he's bullshitting..

  • A kawasaki dealer can't look at their own bloomin web site without a chassis number? lmao! Anyway, order from the site I've posted here and it'll save you fuel and grief and you won't need a chassis number. =D =D

  • The spare parts counter at your local Kawasaki dealer will sorry that out. If that's too hard or weird for you there are online parts sites.

  • Just need the model 2012 ZX14R / ZZR1400.

  • 2012 and up. If he needs the chassis number grab it off the bike and read it to him.

  • One small screw now ordered..well I ordered 2 actually..Cheers guys