Hey guys just askin what is the nickname and year of your ninja mine is an 08...


Hey guys just askin what is the nickname and year of your ninja mine is an 08 Ninja ZX250R named the lady In black

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  • Mistress started out as a runnin joke bc I spent more time on bike than with my girlfriend. Lol.

  • Im told Temptress is where I should go on this one bc she spends more time topped out or on 1 wheel

  • So technically your bike was your girl. The g/f was the mistress

  • Not really. Mistress is the name given to a woman who you see secretly out of lust.lol.

  • Isnt a mistress something you sleep on?, or maybe thats a matress, my smelling is crap :-/

  • Lol. What I told the ex wife when she asked me to stop riding. "bike was here before you... It'll be here after you"

  • Haha... bike will always be priority.

  • And who said romance was dead lmao

  • Pretty much same thing here. Im with a M.C so yeah you can imagine. I was in the market for a new bike when the transmission went out in my truck. Trucks still sitting.lol

  • i told my ex same thing cause he didnt like me riding my zx6 i had at the time. in the end he went and the bike stayed.

  • Janie. Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Lol. A man scared of bikes is just a hidden vagina

  • my bike gracie is female but she is like my best friend. the name came from ghost rider's bike name so it kinda stuck.

  • yeah i dodged a bullet. i tried to get him into riding by getting him a katana 750 so he could ride with me but it didnt work. he wrecked the bike months later cause of not being careful about his riding ability. needless to say we got divorced. i had been riding since 9 and wasnt about to give it up for anything.