Hey guys I m from Germany do you know how to clean my fuel tank I ve pretty...

Hey guys I'm from Germany ;) do you know how to clean my fuel tank??? I've pretty much rust in it -.- and the fuel meter is broke.. Last idea cut it and after cleaning welding again to close the whole but that's just worst case scenario

  • Thanks man! Haha the German store where I can buy it is in my hometown :-D :-D thanks you made my day! But in the moment I'm in Australia so I can use Tank Cure after I'm back in Germany in early June next year...

  • Ok, thanks :)

  • I hope when I'm back in Germany I can fix all problems and I can listen the first time to the beautiful Devil 4 - 1 Racing Exhaust ;)

  • You could fill it upp with nails or something and shake it to get the worst of it

  • Yeah but it's impossible to get all of the stuff out because the form of the gpx tank

  • Old fuel tank was very rounder... So, people put chains inside and shake.

    But GPX have many angles and probable chain, nuts or nails will not get all points.

    Matias is a MONSTER (MOTTRUO in spanish) jejeje

  • :D

  • Bueno no tanto jeje.