Hey guys I have a little gremlin with my zxr Basically say I m idling at 1500...

Hey guys I have a little gremlin with my zxr. Basically say I'm idling at 1500 with no lights the revs will drop by maybe 300 with lights. Am I right in saying it's probably the beginning of a battery failure?

  • Really hope it's just the battery :p

  • Reg/Rec.Even if your battery was goosed or on its way the voltage of the bike would be sustained when running. Put a voltmeter on your battery when running. Less than 13.2 volts it's got problem with Reg/rec or generator. Have you had any problems starting her.

  • Your voltage should increase the more revs you put on also. Higher than 14.5 is as bad as lower than 13

  • Bikes been starting fine, used pretty regularly lately. Where is the reg/rec is it a plug and play unit?

  • Yes plug and play. under tank right hand side of frame I believe can't remember exactly where it's at. Also check you have correct watt bulbs in.