Hey guys I have a buddy with an 06 rogue he has installed a hypercharger and...


Hey guys, I have a buddy with an '06 rogue, he has installed a hypercharger and straight shots exhaust. Been giving him the fits and now it will not run. He never purchased a power commander, we are assuming that this is most likely his problem? Any words of experience?

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  • Need a chip and a map for what he installed

  • I think from what Bare Carr has said in the past the 06/07 may have issues without a Fuel Controller installed - Is it a Cali Model? May have 02 Sensors that need a bypass. Ive just installed the Dobeck fuel controller with Thunder MFG Air Kit and Cobra pipes....its running like a dream. Mines an 07 Classic LT.

  • No sensors...

  • Need DETAILS as to exactly what he did and didn't do

  • He installed a high flow filter/hypermarket and hard-chrome straighteners...that's it. When he gets on it, it often chokes up, belches black-ish smoke and stinks.

  • Hyper charger and hard Crome straights

  • Needs a fuel programmer also sounds like a vacume leak.

  • Does anybody know the product number for the power commander