Hey guys I actually wrote a huge post but then deleted almost all of it...

Hey guys. I actually wrote a huge post, but then deleted almost all of it, figured I'd just ask what I want to ask!

HOW easily is a ZZR moddable to have a more upright position? Did somebody do it with results that they're happy with? I am attaching a pic of simulations from this tool I found. ZZR seems almost supersports like, so I was wondering - how high can you go? Have a very tight budget, and I am playing around with some different scenarios to start riding as soon as spring comes :).


  • I used bar risers it completely changed the riding position as I have a bad back

  • Thanks Pete! What's the distance that you cover before thinking about a rest? :) My spine's been broken when I was young so I can feel ya.. ^^

  • I like a stop about every 50-60 miles anyway, for a fag / piss / dump / petrol.

  • What year is yours Roland? Is it stock?

  • 1990, completely stock. I'm also 6 foot tall and built like a pipe cleaner, with a bony arse, so nothing is comfortable for very long.

  • Got these on my fireblade

  • I usually get to the seaside (115 miles) with just a 15 minute tea and smoke break half way.

  • Roland Black That's cool. I am also 6ft tall. I need to get onto a stock one and see how it holds up. MMmm.. :) Life's about trying things, aint it.. :D

  • Can you still reach the gear and brake pedals, or have you changed those too?

  • the riser give one inch higher and one inch closer to your body giving a more upright position. change of saddle also might help in my case put a corbin saddle and are a lot more comfortable. the pegs that David Young is showing will extend your leg a bit if you are a taller guy...

  • you can adjust them...

  • Yes and yes

  • Thanks! I think I seriously need to get a ZZR and take it for a drive. If I see what the position is like compared to a CBR, GSXR - then I will have a much better idea :). Loved the R1150GS yesterday initially, but after 20-30 minutes started to get a bit dull. Maybe I am just more of a speed freak than I expect myself to be.

  • i love my zzr for that reason... you can be cruising or pushing those kids around on their sport bike... ;-)

  • with riser and saddle i do like 2 hours without stopping...

  • did 5500km in 12 days in my last vacation... :-)

  • Gilles Laframboise mmm :) That's nice. I doubt I would do more on an adv bike. Woaaah..! 5.5k! Haha. Did you ever ride any adventure bike (Varadero,R-GS, V-Strom?), or maybe some standard tourer (pan european, XJ/XJR)? Any comparison?

  • no but i have a friend that ride a yamaha super tenere and he loves it... and he can follow if we speed up the pace in the twisties...

  • Thanks mate :) I appreciate your honesty!

  • ABM superbike set and a flip up windscreen no more back problems

  • But its a little expensive paid 280 euro's for the superbike set including the handlebar

  • How do you see your speedo with that Tomtom in the way?

  • Hi Jekyll Hyde I got them of e bay , I also got my seat redone with gel and recovered I would recommend getting that done too!! I can ride for about an hour in the saddle then need a break because of back ! Hope this helps I have got details of the seat cover / gel company if you want as well ?

  • Roland Black.Harry rides a slow D .so doesn't need to see how slow he goes

  • Roland Black I can look over it and can sit up straight when i pass the slower C's

  • I also wanted a more upright riding position so I took my ZZR into my local Kawasaki dealer who, for the small fee of £6000 swapped it fo a new Versys 650 GT (y)

  • This is the best mod I did to mine

  • Even less upright...

  • Hahaha.. If I could get a proper Adventure Tourer for the price of a ZZR, I'd consider it. Nice bike!

  • I have the same set up as You Harry, but added this extra module. https://cdn3.louis.de/content/ catalogue/articles/img298x298/ 10021310_860_11.JPG

  • Cheers! Yes it is. Half the size but twice the fun - honestly!

  • Kawa Na Kawie ok where did you bought those maybe i will try them

  • I am 175cm tall, 80kg, and found that I could ride the zzr all day with a stop every 60-90 minutes. Towards the end, it gets uncomfortable, but you get uncomfy sitting in the same seat all day anyway, no matter what you ride or sit on. Bar risers, one inch, would be great, but I have done 700+ kilometres in one day on the zzr.

  • I drove 1200 km last year from Italy to my house in Holland in 14 hours . I dont smoke so it was getting petrol and drive again 2 short stops to eat and kept the speedo around 160. Only my arse was raw haha but i was surprisingly fit

  • I rode mine for 10 hours with a few breaks on a Euro trip and was fine. What I didn't like was the lack of visibility when doing your safety checks whilst leaning forward. To do it properly you would need to take one hand off the bars.

  • Kawa Na Kawie thanks

  • With this swap I also decided to replace the throttle cables with little longer customs. Original was very tight.

  • Mine are allready lengthend so i will first try it with wooden ones

  • Whats the main difference between this and just some ebay risers? Ty