Hey guys gotta clutch question My 85 which i done a quick restore mint 1...

Hey guys, gotta clutch question... My 85 which i done a quick restore(mint 1 owner when I got it, quick top end and done), didnt even take the side covers off. I've put 5 or six hours on it and everything worked great and the last two rides the clutch engagement has gotten really "jumpy" for lack of better term. The engagement is sudden at about half lever out. After that it holds fine, now slipping, notice nothing cornering, only from dead stop. I've had many bikes and I'm really easy on clutches, I've ran into several issues from slippage to notchy baskets, this is new on me. Thanks in advance...

  • Have you had the side covers off now mate ?, the basket may be notched. I had a similar problem on mine so I put a Pro X clutch basket in and new plates.

  • I'm thinking it would have to be the basket notched, maybe the oil? I'm running Rotela as I do on all my modern race bikes with zero problems. The bike was trail rode by an older gentlemen and I'm super easy on clutches so I would be really surprised if the basket is hammered. I'll check it out when i'm back out in the garage... Thanks Jason

  • Let me know what you find. I run Silkolene Light Gear Oil in mine...great stuff.

  • I'm sure some other oils are better but I have had luck with Rotella, I like I can by it in bulk cheap which makes me more likely to not stretch intervals!

  • You soaked the discs 24 hrs beforehand, right? Lol

  • Ive never had the side case off, no telling how old the clutch is or what shape its in. I put several hours on it then it started. I guess I jumped the gun asking I'm just away from the bike and curios what it could be

  • If the bike had any amount of "sitting"time, the fiber discs will have dried. But the solution is super simple, pull the cover, pour some atf into the cover and let the fiber discs soak for 24 hrs.

  • Makes sense, it did set quit a bit over the years. Would that happen even after several trouble free hours? I dont care a bit to throw a set of plates in it anyway, just curious if theyre was somthing else mechanical that i'm not thinking of that could cause it to grab and surge on take off?

  • I always try to, try lol, change the oil after 5 rides. If the fibers are dry that'll happen. Easy peasy jaoaneasy, pop the clutch cover off and inspect everything.

  • Thanks, I'll get it outta there this weekend

  • Hey man, anytime. LMK the outcome or, if i was just blowing blue smoke!


  • you can shorten that soak time... put the clutch apart , clean all clutchplates, that stick together, oil them one by one when you reinstall them... and ready for a ride.. ;) ...

  • True, if you absolutely gotta race at 7 a.m.

    Lol... Otherwise, lets teach the correct way..