hey guys does any of you have a front fender trim on the beast Could u help me...


hey guys,does any of you have a front fender trim on the beast? Could u help me out with a link maybe? Pics would be also highly appreciate it! Thank you

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  • This was on my 2008 VN2KLT when I purchased it earlier this year. Love it!

  • I like yours,looks nice! My front fender is rusting in the top,last year I had it repainted and redone but I already noticed that it starts again

  • You live near the ocean? Salt air?

  • Yeah,north see is 4 km !

  • That would do it.

  • My front end looks like this.

  • What bag is that on the luggage rack?

  • Az Parris

  • Amazon

  • LOL - lucky me...I already HAVE that touring pack. Just didn't recognize it from the other angle without the top bag (round one) on top.

    How'd you get it attached? The velcro on mine is not placed right for the passenger backrest.

  • It's difficult to see here, but I cut the shape of the sissy bar out of that bit that's supposed to fit "over" the sissy bar, then drilled some holes to match the bolts holding the sissy bar pad onto the bar, then using a small persons hands bolt the pad back to the bar through the bag and there it stays!! It's also bottled through to the rack too

  • Aha... I see where mine is different. Mine doesn't have that "pouch" that slides over the sissy bars. It has two big velcro "belts" that can wrap around stuff.