Hey guys anyone use a thc chain and sprocket. Any good

Hey guys anyone use a thc chain and sprocket??? Any good???

  • The mx guys dont rate them much . Personally Id stick with DID stuff ! http://forums.mxtrax.co.uk/sho wthread.php/268380-Sprocket-Si ze-THC-Chain-Advice

  • Jt chain n sprockets on mine cheap n cheerful but last quite well

  • Darren where you get them??? €€??

  • My mate. Head mechanic triumph Birmingham £37 for the x ring chain

  • He does my top end service and carb balance £60

  • I'm dropping someone off in Dublin on August 14th in the car (maybe by the airport) if there's a deal in the offing here? I could pay for any items for now

  • DID kit in Cotters of Dublin is €140 (£99)

  • Dam that's good!!

  • You might even get a discount if you ask