Hey guys and girls I need your help I m trying to track down a grey import late...


Hey guys and girls, I need your help, I'm trying to track down a grey import late model Kawasaki W400, I know it’s probably a long shot, but if anyone happens to have one or know of one for sale in Australia and could let me know, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, David.

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  • Nice, lots of sissies around :-)

  • Guess so :/

  • The Tempter is a lovely looking bike but even in Japan they are rare.

    I also work as a postie so the novelty of kick starting has certainly worn off but I do like having it as insurance.

  • David, my 0.02 €... Buy a bike that is:

    - LAMS approved, as that is a major issue here

    - within your budget, if possible

    - fit for your expected use (trips, cities, races, dirt,...)

    - conform any other point you think important

    - reliable, easy, praised by others, whatever...

    Don't buy one because it has a good resale value or beacuse others say it is a better choice. I assume it will be your first bike, so ...


    - that you like

    - that makes your heart skip a beat

    - that screams your name when you see it

    - that you 'll still admire when it eventually breaks down

    So I 'ld say, and pardon me if I am wrong, buy an Estrella :-)

  • I love the look of the Estrella but chose a Clubman because it still looks great and has an extra 10 horse power for highway riding

  • Well that's enough from me but remember if it's your first bike it's the one you're likely to damage the most

  • Yes, and the one you'll never forget ;-)

  • ah..ok..then...wait 1.5 years...or buy a w650 and drive illegaly, just like I did. ;)

  • Outlaw! ;-)

  • tottaly Rad!