• Hey guys

    Hey guys

    Took this from the tread of my rear tyre. No pressure lost before removal nor after. Going to fix it. Want your opinion. Should I still repair this or not bother?

    • If it's not losing any pressure I'd leave it,probably hasn't pierced through the tyre

    • My opinion is same as paul's

    • If nothing has happened leave it that way bro! No need to bother yourself

    • Another thing. Was trying to adjust the stupid mirror and it unlocked in the base now I can't put it on the correct position. Which one needs to be tightened first? The bottom one or the top one? If I lock the bottom and top it will stay on the position you see. Been an hour trying to adjust this. First time doing this.

    • Look don't trust me much on this... but what I think is once you have found you desirable position for your mirror you should locked it in that position with the lower nut

      Don't worry if the lower nut doesn't make contact with the base that's why you have that rubber piece to cover it

      I'm sorry if is not that way... I'm just trying to analyze it from the sofa of my home !

    • I wish I could lock it in that position but it's locking on this one only. This position had both bolts tightened at their maximum

    • Sorted!! What a dumbass I was!! Easier than expected :|

    • what are you going to fix? no hole, no leak, chords no showing...no problem! ride it. if it were to start leaking, then find the leak and plug it.

    • Change both tires